Python For Offensive PenTest: A Complete Practical Course

Python for Hacking , Learn how to use python for ethical hacking and penetration testing
  • Basic knowledge in Python or ANY other programming/scripting languages
  • Intermediate knowledge in penetration testing and ethical hacking
When other's tools fail, writing your own makes you a true penetration tester!
Before You Enroll !
The knowledge which you will learn from this course is literally a weapon. My goal is to make you a better warrior in penetration testing. Consider the consequences of your actions, be smart and don't go to jail.
There are quite a lot of people who call themselves hackers but in reality few have the solid skills to fit the definition, when other's tools fail, writing your own makes you a true hacker!
What Will I Learn?
  • Learn how to code your own reverse shell [TCP+HTTP]
  • Make anonymous shell by interacting with [Twitter, Google Form, Sourceforge]

  • Replicate Metasploit features and and make an advanced shell

  • Learn how to hack passwords using multiple techniques [ API Hooking. Keylogger, Clipboard Hijacking]
  • Learn how to exfiltrate data from your target
  • Learn how malware abusing cryptography by adding [AES,RSA,XOR] encryption to your shell
  • Privilege escalation on windows with practical example
  • Export your python script into EXE
  • You'll get answers to your questions!
  • You will setup your home virtual hacking lab
  • You will learn countermeasures against most of the attacks
  • Challenge yourself with UNSOLVED Exercises
Who is the target audience?
  • Ethical hackers and penetration testers
  • Students preparing for OSCP, OSCE, GPEN, GXPN, CEH
  • Information security professionals and cyber security consultants
  • System and network security administrators
  • Programmers who want to get their hands dirty

File Size :  865.49MB
password :
download : Here or Here

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