Learn Pandas (Python 3) And Become A Data Ninja

Learn how to utilize the pandas module for Python, and become a data ninja, an expert in data analysis!

Learn Pandas (Python 3) And Become A Data Ninja introduces you to the Pandas module/library. It has very quickly grown in functionality, to the point that more companies are relying on it for their data analysis needs. As a result, many of these companies need a data ninja! An expert in data and data analysis!
Let me tell you what you will learn. In the Intro to Pandas section, you'll learn about the two objects that are the basis of pandas. (Series and DataFrame). In the prepare your data section, I show you how to read .csv and xlsx files, combine dataframes, how to deal with missing data, how to merge, how to order your columns, and much more. In the Time Series section, I go over some time related classes (TimeStamp/DatetimeIndex), how to covert to timestamp, and how to read (pd.read_csv) when dealing with time related data. In the visualization section, you'll learn how to make a scatter plot and pie plot. Finally, I will also introduce you to Numpy.
Finally, you have nothing to loseNo risk! You get a 30 day money back guarantee + the course for life (including any new content added after you enroll)!
Enroll now! Your future looks brighter with Pandas (Python 3).

What Will I Learn?
  • Learn about and utilize the two main objects: Series and DataFrame
  • Understand how to prepare and work data. This includes importing, merging, dealing with missing data, and more

  • Be able to produce visual representations of your data (ie scatter plot)

Who is the target audience?
  • Beginners who have little experience with programming or data analysis.
  • Individuals who have experience with other data analysis software/languages (ie SAS), and now want to know another!
  • No prior knowledge is necessary, this is a beginner course.
  • Desire to learn

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